WCF G2: Positive Externality

So that was beautiful, eh? Twitter pretty damn unanimously declared that third quarter the most gorgeous display of sport this side of Barcelona. It is hard to disagree. It was even more difficult for me not to drink thirstily the waves of adulation for San Antonio’s basketball team. Citizens of the Alamo City are born with a natural ache for acknowledgement. The city is so chronically overlooked* seemingly despite any and all achievements that any droplet of recognition is gobbled up voraciously by we fans.

*[They do love the Alamo, though. So we have that going for us. ]

It is kind of ridicoulous. I’ve told the story many times of how one of my friends from college was shocked that San Antonio had an airport, let alone an International one. Imagine her surprise when I gave her the population figures. Apparently people don’t believe it.

Seriously, today on Slate’s Hang Up and Listen’s after-ball segment (40 min in), they discussed San Antonio’s ‘interesting’ history as a basketball team and with astonishment, the city’s population. 

[In the web magazine’s defense, Matt Yglesias did toss up this piece on the Spurs as unloved dynasty. Also, more HUandL on Timmy Duncan]

_It was unbelievable. I’ll spare you even more piling on or stats that back up what your eyes already saw. I’ll even spare you break downs of how they did it or what the Thunder can conceivably muster up to make it not so easy anymore.

Instead, let’s bask in the glowing praise for a little bit longer. 

I mean, if there is anything I’ve learned from watching playoff basketball over the last fifteen years it is this: when you win you feel like you can never lose. When you lose? Well, you’re smart enough to figure it out. 

I want to enjoy the sunshine a little longer.

Twenty , ya’ll.