Basketball Super Bowl

There is nothing like a game seven. It is known. The NBA gets a terrible rap for being a league of loafers (it is more akin to guys running a marathon than being lazy) and so for casual folks, seeing two teams fueled by desperation and finality is enthralling. Whereas I have a higher appreciation for the Association, I empathize with these folks. I’ll pretty much watch any Championship-deciding game. Drama!

If the Spurs are anything like me1 they are feeling pretty good today. All punches-to-the-gut heal in time. That time can be a day-plus. You know this as well as I do. Any loss, to a brother, friend, HS rival, blue-haired lady at the bingo hall, puts an ugly feeling inside you that can only be completely removed by a win. Sure, time will heal that would up but it will leave a scar. These losses are like snake bites in that the only real way to guarantee a full return to mental health is to quickly act. Those mixed metaphors are meaning to say it is good that we are playing so soon after, in the same place, with the same guys.

Kenny Smith, TNT Analyst tells the story of how the Suns came back on his Rockets and erased a 20 point lead to win a playoff game twice. Houston felt terrible, were angry and disappointed. Then they remembered how easy it was to get up 20 points. Similarly, after all the self-reflection, cathartic sharing of terrible losses during late night meals, and poetry writing (wild guess), the Spurs have to be thinking to themselves “Wow, we got up 10 points (and 5 etc) in the fourth quarter in a must-win game against the best player on the planet and his sidekick with the misspelled first name.”[^2}. The question remains: can the Spurs muster the requisite physical energy to win this game? That is the big question. They may be mentally ready, but sometimes you just can’t overcome playing 40+ minutes when you are 37-years-old.

Re: The Worst Spurs Loss Ever.

I don’t consider this one the worst. Though I had a similar feeling to Game 7 vs Dallas in 2006, after Manu fouled Dirk and the Mavericks dominated OT, that was In-Their-Prime Spurs. Expectations were higher. This team was expected to limp out at the hands of Memphis/OKC/Denver. I maintain that life post-2007 has been a bowl of gravy. I don’t have nearly the same level of hate for the Heat as I did the Mavericks. No one on Miami punched any of our guys in the nads, ya’ll. No one there made fun of the River Walk. It just isn’t the same.

Re: Illegal Substitution

The fan o’ drama inside me would have loved to see them replay the final 5.2 seconds tonight with Miami’s prize being an immediate game 7. A psuedo-NBA FInals double header! If the Spurs would have won, we’d have seen all those Miami attendees got home sooo disappointed. I’m cruel. I would have loved that.

Re: Finals Ratings

People are fickle, don’t know much about basketball, and are sheep. This explains everything that is popular on television. In the same vein, this is the reason that there are unattended quality football and basketball games being played in your local area. _Ahem__UTSA_

Go Spurs Go.

* * *

1. Slow, rec-league-caliber desk jockey, confined to his halficle for 8 hours a day, who looks forward to Starbucks and Taco Tuesday. No? Nothing like that at all? MMkay. [↩](#fnref:p53443728146-1)