Opening Night: Spurs 101 Mavericks 100

The Spurs are 1-0. Tonight was about the rings and getting into the swing of things. If you’ve watched any preseason Spurs basketball (I haven’t, because I’m not crazy) you’ve likely seen a team that is mostly concerned with recovering from old man-edness, from an enjoyable summer, and in Kawhi’s and Patty’s cases, actual injuries.

Popovich is sporting a sweet new beard that makes him look like Sean Connery in League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

his summer national team hiatus, but I don’t mind it if he does.

The rings look awesome. Apparently they were handing out commemorative rings, y’all. So jealous right now.

The Game

The cook at the local burger joint said to his fellow employee: “This is Spurs basketball. It’s supposed to get your heart racing.”1 It was near closing time and I was finishing up my beer as the Spurs were pulling away in the fourth quarter. Little did I know that by the time I made it back for the final minutes it was indeed a close one.

It was enough to remind me that in May, these Mavericks2 were one game away from ending the Spurs season way too early. Such is life. Dallas looks good. New face Chandler Parsons maybe looked a little out of shape, after all. He finished with just five points on 2-10 shooting, including clanging the potential game-winner off the front of the rim. Should he have passed it to Spurs-killer Monta Ellis? Likely. I’m sure Monta thinks so. I’m sure I don’t care. I’m sure that I’m glad he didn’t.

How about Belinelli scoring again? Now that the Finals are over he’s back to the guy we saw last season. He’s draining threes and moving well. He finished with a team-high +13. Tony Parker predictably led the team in scoring with 23 and Ginobili shook off his poor preseason slump.

These guys have been doing this for ages and know how to plan for the NBA marathon. I wasn’t surprised nor outraged by the poor preseason play as that didn’t matter as much as tonight’s game did.

There is plenty to work out – the turnover at the end had Pop angry, not to mention the fact that the guys blew a seven-point lead with 3 minutes left. That the Spurs were able to pull out a solidly played game without a couple of starters (not to mention an important sixth man) is unsurprising and comforting. They are the same old Spurs, it seems.


  • Hey how about Tony cashing 4/4 three pointers?3
  • Peter Holt looks like he is near a heart attack at all times.
  • Chandler Parsons has only been a Maverick for one game and I already hate his face.
  • Kyle Anderson’s hair is crooked.
  • It is funny that they dramatically revealed the 2014 NBA title banner … when it looks exactly like the 2007 one right next to it.
  • Kawhi got fresh braids. #FinalsMVPLyfe

Altri Pensieri

Sitting in the cafeteria on campus this evening trying to catch up on school work, I overheard a brief conversation between a man and a woman working at the food outlet. He asked her if she liked the Spurs and whether she was excited about tonight’s game. She chimed in excitedly, half interrupting his question, confirming she was a fan and that she knew she’d be missing “their first big game” on account of work.

Although I also consider myself a fan, I wasn’t aware until that moment of the game tonight. I proceeded to google their schedule and saw that they’d be facing the Mavericks and we’re just nearing tip off. After indulging that mild curiosity I returned to work. That’s sort of how my fandom works.

My husband brought me back to the game, suggesting we find a place to eat after school where we could watch the remaining half. The Spurs won 101-100.

I think we played well, but not well enough considering the close margin by which we won. Ginobili was hitting a lot of 3s, which always makes the game more exciting to watch, but the rough spill he took later in the game that took him a minute to walk off reminded me that he doesn’t have as many games left in him as we might like. Plus he’s super bald. 😉

Also, I like Pop’s beard. It’s very… winterly. #GoSpursGo

* * *

1. Maybe. I can’t quite remember. [↩](#fnref:p101232167662-4)

2. Well not _these_ Mavericks. But enough of them. You know what I mean. [↩](#fnref:p101232167662-1)

3. One of which was the game-winner. [↩](#fnref:p101232167662-2)