Spurs are 1-1: Phoenix 94 Spurs 89

Be honest. How many of you actually watched the Spurs game on Halloween night and felt good about it?

Spurious Basketball had a Halloween party but DVR’d the game. Upon review the first quarter had us exclaim: “How in the hell did the Spurs lose this thing?”

Well, the answer to that was twofold: the trio of Phoenix point guards and missed shots. Basketball is a simple game and sometimes losses are exceedingly simple. Phoenix essentially put their most dynamic playmakers on the court and overcome whatever size or positional disadvantage they had through effort and intensity.

The Spurs lack a bit of crispness. The Diaw turnover on the potential game-tying possession late was the highlight example.

Isaiah Thomas (SB has been a fan since his Washington days) reminds me of Monta Ellis’s ability to slice open the Spurs in last year’s playoffs. He reminds me of what we thought Damien Lillard would do (but didn’t) in the Portland series.

Smallish guards that attack the rim can damage to this team.1 That is concerning long term but right now, as Pop said “I expect that we’ll lose a lot of games before the season is over.”

You had to lose games that you led by 15 but it happens.

* * *

1. They do damage to lots of teams, of course. [↩](#fnref:p101518498582-1)