LeBron Throws the Ball off Tim’s Knee: Spurs 7-4

Last we looked the Spurs were 2-3 and still building. Since, they’ve beaten the Clippers and Warriors1 away, which ended an undefeated streak, and ushered in another day in the Kawhi Era. He practically won the game against LA down the stretch, poaching Chris Paul twice late and pouring in 26. He dominated late with his defense against Golden State, also. He made some big baskets and got some big assists. This is the Kawhi Leonard Spurs we are seeing.

His big steals late are worth so much more than big baskets late.

They then made a stop at Staples to beat up on the Lakers. Seeing Kobe struggle was great, as I mentioned on the Gonzo in SA Show. Still it is another reminder of how long ago this was:

many a San Antonian’s heart. It seems that Kobe feels the same way.

A pit stop in Sacramento ended with a loss. The kind that Pop said was probably due to road trip fatigue. In those kinds of games you at least want to be close. They were. Just a well-short Manu three point play to tie it short. I’ll take it.

Thankfully the Sixers front office is taking. They didn’t put up a fight.

That led to tonight’s big showdown with LeBron. The media sorely wants LBJ to think of the Spurs as a rival. I don’t think of him as a Spurs rival. He certainly didn’t break anyone’s heart tonight. That is sort of requisite of being a rival. Or at least maintaining a rivalry.

And so it goes. Spurs look good despite Belinelli sitting out with a hurt groin, Splitter being out with a back injury, and no Patty Mills. He’s at least doing commercials. A 7-4 record is about as good as you can ask for at this point in the season. Memphis showed a bit of mortality, tonight so they look catchable. Maybe because Half-Man Half-Amazing was crying during the intros.

* * *

1. Former Spur Steve Kerr said of the Spurs: “I retired 12 years ago and the three main guys and the coach are still there." [↩](#fnref:p103094039672-1)