I’ve been watching a lot of soccer in the last five years so I have had some appreciation of mid-table drama. Were the NBA so inclined to go single-table, 58-game season this would be a battle for mediocre-ness. It isn’t, so we won’t fuss over that. Nonetheless it is good to climb above another mid-table dweller. The Spurs could have put some extra space between themselves and the Mavericks of Dallas tonight. The quick 29-point explosion of the first quarter comprised of Thiago finger rolls and Kahwi all-around dominance helped guide the festivities. Then the hot shooting ceased and the turnovers commenced.

That was an ugly loss. Ugly turnovers and the Spurs got Monta’d. Last year’s playoffs he was ridiculous against our guys and god knows I thought Damian Lillard was going to continue the streak of scoring point guards going bananas.

It didn’t happen. I was glad.

This year we’ve seen Kyrie Irving scorch the Spurs for 57 and tonight saw Monta Ellis rack up 38.

I’d still chalk this one up to randomness. The shooting was uncharacteristically poor (8 percentage points below average) and there were turnovers. Beating the league-leading Hawks on Sunday was nice, but that was more awful play by Atlanta than anything else.

Now we get to see Russ Westbrook, he of the Triple Double, on Wednesday.

Go Spurs.


  • Chandler Parsons, by virtue of having played for both Houston and Dallas, is forever among the Disliked
  • I wouldn’t want Monta on my team but I hate when he goes against the Spurs.
  • At one point the Mavs rolled out Dirk, Amar’e, Richard Jefferson, and Devin Harris in their lineup. It was a formidable lineup … for 2006. The Mavericks are so very QPR sometimes, you guys.
  • Remember Devin Harris: Spurs Killer?
  • How long until Kawhi loses the braids?