I like my Spurs wins with passes and cuts and 39-point blow outs. That’s what we got against the Thunder. Everyone is playing better, and I suppose we can rationalize the first quarter yesterday as just more evidence of the good play with the second-fourth being anomolies. Since the All-Star break, the Spurs starting five has the best offensive rating1. Why? Well Tony Parker is playing better, getting into the lane and so the Spurs are Spurs-ing.

Basketball is simple. You want easy shots. Tim provided the “easy”, high-percentage shots in the lane and opened the three for shooters. As he aged, Ginobili provided the penetration to complement Tim. It has been Tony’s primary job the last few years and it is no surprise that the Spurs offense has been a little lacking as he’s been slowing down.

The Spurs are hitting their typical mid-season form at the right time – right before the playoffs.

There are still quirks and concerns – scoring droughts, turnovers – but overall things are looking good.

Then again, everything looks good after a 39-point win.


* * *

1. > Today’s stats tidbit: Since All-Star break, [@spurs](https://twitter.com/spurs)’ starting 5 has NBA’s best OffRtg & NetRtg
> [http://t.co/rto4NIU7kA](http://t.co/rto4NIU7kA) [pic.twitter.com/ilo2j8sgtW](http://t.co/ilo2j8sgtW)
> — NBA.com (@NBAcom) [March 26, 2015](https://twitter.com/NBAcom/status/581161309674151937)