Who Scares The Spurs Fan?

I am scared of scoring point guards. I have nightmares of Monta Ellis scampering into the lane, flipping up impossible layups beyond the outstratched arms of Timothy and Tiago. As my friend commented to me today: “The Mavericks can suck all season but they’ll always play better against us.” This is true. The only thing that taints last season’s beutiful sojourn through the NBA playoffs was the seven-game scare agains the Dallases.

I’m scared of Dame Lillard doing a Monta impression and playing much better than he did in last year’s Spurs-Blazers matchup and making the difference.

I’m scared of Kyrie Irivng replicating his ridiculous shooting night in March.

I’m not so scared of Steph Curry. Not in the same way. Sure he was ridiculous against everyone all season, and was equally amazing agains the Spurs a couple of years ago, but I think Kawhi can handle him, and I think the rest of the Spurs can handle the Dubs’ length.

Sure, Golden State is the best we’ve seen in years (since Jordan’s Bulls in ‘96, by all accounts) but this isn’t the 90s, Curry isn’t Jordan, and Kerr isn’t Phil Jackson.

I can certainly imagine a WCF matchup in which the Warriors flex their muscles and entertain the league. Were the Spurs not my favoritest team evar, I’d certainly be rooting for that scenario.

Maybe the Spurs really are like the Patriots, and will win yet again, spoiling the fairy tale of yet another fan favorite team. (Looking at you 2004-2005 Phoenix Suns.) I’d certainly like that.

Still maybe I should be scared of James Harden but I’m not.

Can’t wait for the Playoffs.