The Thing About New Guys

We won’t know what LaMarcus Aldridge’s impact will have on this team until it is too late. We won’t know if this team would have been better sticking with Splitter and the Super Bench and giving the Warriors a go with the Pounding The Rock Team.

I am not filled with regret about it, either. When I get concerned, I try to remember when the Spurs seemingly blew it all up and traded George Hill for a talented but raw kid from San Diego State. Then I remember when they benched Stephen Jackson – cutting him – for starting Kawhi Leonard. I thought that was a bit crazy. Jackson did too. It turns out that both decisions were more right than wrong.

I have been guilty of this too. Even though Kawhi is obviously the new cornerstone of the franchise, I let myself think that signing LaMarcus Aldridge somehow changes that. No. It doesn’t. Tim Duncan has been the cornerstone of this franchise for years but has needed every bit of help he has gotten from Tony and Manu and the role guys.
So it will be with LMA and KL.

It was sure nice to see him take more resposibility against both Boston and New York this week. While the Warriors are playing like they will win 70, the Spurs’ quotes in the paper are filled with guys saying they are still finding their way around things.

Tim is still figuring out when to roll and when pop, LaMarcus still dones’t feel like himself. Everyone is trying to figure out where they fit in. Everyone except Kawhi, who is just dominating.

So with all that uncertainty, it is nice to know that we have the cornerstone.