Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

I can’t see Kevin Freaking Durant coming to the Spurs but the Spurs’ front office didn’t get the reputation — NBA’s best or damn near best — for nothing. LaMarcus Aldridge also was a surefire re-sign in Portland . . . or so we thought.

We know a few things about Kevin Durant: Scoring Machine

  1. He is a ridiculous competitor.

  2. He is sought-after.

Marc Stein lists nine teams other than OKC trying to sign the biggest free agent of the year. The favorites are obviously the Thunder. Not only did Durant and company vanquish the Spurs in 6, but they nearly eliminated the defending champion Warriors. It could be argued that the 7-game epic between OKC and GSW contributed to the Cavaliers win. That the Warriors loss ultimately might work in their favor for 2017 is interesting. Stein says

But the Warriors, sources say, increasingly believe their chances of convincing Durant to leave the Thunder after a successful 10-season run were enhanced significantly by the fact that Golden State lost the NBA Finals to Cleveland in seven games despite taking a 3-1 series lead.

So it goes.

He also mentions this interesting item:

The Warriors and Spurs, sources say, are both already planning to load a plane full of key organizational figures — including Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for Golden State, and Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan for San Antonio — to fly to an undisclosed location once free-agency season starts to try to lure Durant away from the only franchise he has ever played for.

Doesn’t this seem like Tim will be coming back for another go?

It is a bit too early to get too deep into what the Spurs would be with Durant, given that he likely will resign. But I will giggle about it with my friends on Slack and via text. The particulars will be sorted out later. I’m sure there will be handwringing over the depth and the point guards and the future. But started Kevin Durant? That will make up for it.

I should stop now before I get too excited.