Roster Moves and Prepping For A Rebuild

The Spurs are making moves.

> Happy to tell you guys that I’ll be coming back to the Spurs for another season. #backhome

— Manu Ginobili (@manuginobili) July 7, 2016

Manu is back.

Tim is probably (eek) going to retire. Pau is coming to the River Walk. Boban, meme star is gone, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein and so the Spurs “replaced” him with Dewayne Dedmon, formerly of Orlando, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo’s The Vertical

While Dedmon doesn’t compare amazingly well to Boban statistically, he is intriguing. Intriguing the way Boban was, just in a different way. Boban was freakishly big. Which feels insulting to write about a human but I mean, just look. The Spurs simply couldn’t match the Pistons offer sheet and picked up a bargain big man who will be useful. He can run the floor and finish above the rim fairly spectacularly. While the Spurs are losing Tim (likely) and West, they are gaining mobility and height, and youth. Remember Pau is five years younger than Tim.

That’s the positive outlook of the post-Durant scramble to build rosters. While here in San Antonio we are used to “rebuilding” years of 50+ wins, feeling outside of the championship favorite cool person table is not fun. If you want to feel a little better about it just remember that the 2011 Mavericks pulled off an upset against a super team. So did the 2004 Pistons. So yeah. Hope.

More on Dedmon: He’s a hard worker who has improved every year he’s been in the league. He is pretty good on the pick-and-roll and likes to block shots spectacularly. While that is fun, having an energy guy to run the floor and get easy buckets is basically a poor-man’s Steven Adams. A two-year deal for $6 million is a steal. I love this move for days. From Yahoo:

Dedmon has carved a niche in the league becuase of his defenisve motor and ability to finish at the rim.

I’ll take that.

Meanwhile, the Spurs are looking to fill out the roster with some of those draft-and-stash guys we’ve seen glimpses of the last few years. Guys like Livio Jean-Charles. He’s also young, can run, and could use some time learning from a future HOF center and a All-Star C/F. You know, guys like Pau and LMA.

The team is also expected to sign Davis Bertans this summer. He’s a shooter and has some game. Basically younger, more mobile Matt Bonner.

Bertans, Charles, and Dedmon are the makings of a lottery team if we started these guys or depended on them for major minutes. They should be a part of a younger, more athletic bench that supports the MVP-candidate, All-Star PF, and HOF Center, and aging Spurs Legends as they lead this team to somewhere in the 50+ win range. Although I may be underselling it a bit, apparently.

Wins Projections based on roster moves:

> Here’s a very (very) early wins projection for the 2017 season based on the current @Rotoworld_BK depth charts.

— Kostya Medvedovsky (@kmedved) July 6, 2016