David Lee Signs With Spurs

> [Working on quick change of directions off the screen & sweeps with @dlee042!! #100skills100days #unseenhours](https://www.instagram.com/p/BIZNxtTAo53/)
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David Lee singed a deal with the Spurs for two years with the second being an option. It is a typical move for a title-contending team and I suppose this Spurs squad is just that, despite what Kevin Durant and Golden State have on their roster.

Lee rounded into shape for the first part of the season and managed to do some nice things with the Mavericks. He should fill into the role briefy held by David West nicely. He can rebound and score and managed to help turn the tide in Game 4 against the Cavs two seasons ago.

He’s been working on his game with Drew Hanlen in the offseason. You can watch him work on his catch and spin in the post in the above video. There are one or two others in Drew’s timeline that feature Lee working on various aspects of his game. That’s good. We can expect a relatively sharp David Lee instead of the out-of-shape one that the Celtics got last year.