Youngins Getting Some Run

This blog was intrigued with Dewayne Dedmond. He possessed the athletic ability and soft hands that is prized in the modern NBA. Offensively he can catch and finish at the rim and on defense he is an off-the-ball shot blocker.

Tonight he displayed a jumper that I honestly did not know existed. I am liking the addition more every day.

Our Spurs played their home opener and had the routine first game mistakes. By that I mean the clock operator messed up to begin the game. The squad never really looked threatened as Patty Mills basically led the charge as Tony and Manu rested. Kawhi put on a show later as the second half began and let the rest of the squad determine the game.

A fun sequence: Anthony Davis pulling a turnaround jumper on LMA, and Aldridge immediately returning that with one of his own on the other end. Nicolas Laprovittola had himself a game.* He showed flashes of young Manu, taking guys off the dribble with crafty hesitation moves and one-handed scoops in traffic.

*_Did you know he is one of only two Spurs to ever wear 27?_

David Lee is a blog-favorite now. I hated his over-hustle with every team he has played for but really appreciate it on our squad. He is one of those guys. If you have watched him you know he has more than a motor. His touch and his passing ability are well-known throughout the league and put him in good company on this squad. In the late third/early fourth shift he managed to drop a nice dime to Laprovittola on a give/go and later Nico found him on a ridiculously perfect outlet pass. Lee leaked out on a three and beat the defense deep.

David West was really good in spurts for the team last season, but count me among those that were nonplussed to see him leave. David Lee is not the swiftest defender, but again the hustle, the skill, and the basketball IQ are perfect for this second unit that needs more scoring aside from Patty shooting and Jonathan Simmons dunking. Effort points count the same as Kawhi’s midrange jumpers.

In the fourth quarter we saw Murray, Forbes, Bertans, Simmons and Laprovittola close it out and there was some fun had. Bertans showed some defense, his shooting, while Jonathan Simmons enjoyed being the focal point of the offense.

The Spurs are playing well and NO was coming off no rest so really the only way they were losing this was if something awful happened. Did we learn much tonight? Yes, a little. The beginnings of the next generation of Spurs regulars are getting some great time in a winning environment. If you have to learn on the job, this is the way to do it and not like Kyrie Irving did or Brow is doing now. Without the right attitude, it can be soul-crushing.

Next up: at Heat 10.30.16