Restoring Order

There was a sequence in the second half in which Dewayne Dedmon got a vicious block, got a lob from David Lee, and also missed a dunk. That is classic Dewayne Dedmon and we’ve only seen him for a handful of games.

This Blog was always intrigued by his addition, and enjoys seeing so much press about his impact.

Ever since we saw Tyson Chandler, borderline bust, look like a man possessed while playing along side Chris Paul in New Orleans, the value of a big man that can defend the rim and catch lobs has been apparent.

For a very long time front offices have wanted slow, plodding big dudes to man the paint. While I loved me some Boban, he was more plodding than skilled and without a team built around that skill set, he would always be more of a curiosity than anything.

Dedmon misses too many dunks to be the starting center on your Finals-contending team, but he is good enough to support a second unit filled with willing passers and needing easy buckets.

The game saw the Spurs do more of the good of the home version of this two-game series than the bad. The Jazz still played relatively well, but did not benefit from the Spurs letting them hit wide-open shots.

While Manu may call Gasol a prototypical Spur, Gasol is the least defensive Spur we have had since, well, Matt Bonner?

He was responsible for more layups but the squad handled this fairly well. I figured these games would be flipped — Spurs would roll in SA, and kind of struggle in Utah — but that is why they play the games.

Next up: Clippers tonight.