Spurs are 13-0 on the Road

Forgive the lack of posting but the tagline does say I have my doubts.

The Spurs won two in a row (back to back!) against the Next Great Thing in the league. Milwaukee and Minnesota are young, athletic and long. The Spurs struggled for the majority of the game against the Bucks but managed to pull out a win based largely on guile and Kawhi Leonard.

Agains the Wolves, the deficit was smaller and endured for only a shorter time but the method for comeback was similar.

The Spurs out-executed everyone else. This is a hallmark of the team, and Pop’s squad can rely on that for a good 10-20 wins a season.

This phenomenon — skill, really — goes by many names — corporate knowledge, experience, maturity etc — but it usually comes with good coaching and quality players.

So it goes.