Pop Is Unhappy and Right

This is good and right


The Spurs had been down at least 10 points in each of the previous 4 games coming into the Chicago game, and promptly endured another deficit. Pop was not happy about it, and blamed it on effort and players not playing well.

There have been various culprits in this game, including the two big men signed the last two seasons — LMA and Pau — so if you disliked seeing Aldridge toss up bricks and miss bunnies, you can be assured so did the coaching staff.

The heartening thing is that the Spurs are still the second best team in the league — well, at least in term of record. The Spurs won the last four and nearly pulled off the comeback in this game against Chicago.

Every year there is something that Pop does or says to basically kick the team in the ass for the rest of the season.

I’ve seen some terrible analysis like “maybe Pop should not bench them! Team chemistry!”.

That is bad and not smart. Doling minutes out to maximize the health of the team in preparation for the Playoffs is the right thing to do. It has been proven and works. Everyone playing their hardest and executing when they do have their minutes is another thing and actually makes the Doling Minutes strategy work.

It is akin to going to the gym for 45 minutes and dicking around and going for 15 minutes and busting your ass. The minutes are essentially wasted in the first scenario. You have to make the most of your time and so the latter is actually better.

Same here. Looking at you LMA.