Devin Booker Show

It is strange to read the words “[Devin Booker’s] lack of athleticism” when he was too speedy for the Spurs, too quick for defenders trying to contest his shot, and mixed in a few dunks.

But I know what it means. In this league of literal freaks, Booker does not really stand out. Compare the duel between Kawhi and Booker yesterday.

The Claw is athlete-turned-skillfull hooper. All his moves are deliberate and forceful and compliment his otherworldly length and athleticism. 1

He is more force of will as he barrels through players.

Booker, on the other hand, plays with manic energy and lives to fire off his jumper. He is like Steph Curry in that way, without the ridiculous marksmanship or the long arms to pull of crazy handle Vines.

I like the dude. Is it weird to call him underrated when he was the 13th pick coming out of Kentucky?

  1. I wonder if there is something to that. Tim Duncan had robotic, fundamental moves that came because he was a swimmer first, hooper second.