Part of the ~~pain~~ fun of the playoffs is reading about each and every game in excruciating detail. Here are some choice pieces:

Mike Wright,

“That was a great game,” Popovich said. “Both teams played their hearts out; just a fantastic basketball game. The fans got their money’s worth, for sure. At the end, Marc made a great shot. L.A. [Aldridge] contested it very, very well, and it went down. The effort from both teams was marvelous. We got down a couple of times but stuck with the program and kept on playing, which is always a good thing to see. Usually, down the stretch, it comes down to making shots. Kawhi made a big shot on our last play. Then Marc made a big shot on their last play. It happens over and over in the playoffs.”

also from the same piece is this quote from Danny Green:

“We probably could have used a couple others to make some shots,” Green said. “Kawhi had a great game. Tony [Parker] had a great game. L.A. too. Their others are playing really well right now, and we have to get it from ours too, including me.”

James Hebert, CBSSports:

“I learned a long time ago against the Spurs, if you don’t have mental stability when they punch you in the mouth, you’re in the wrong business,” Fizdale said. “Because we saw what they can do in their place if you don’t take that punch right. So I really thought we did a good job of just sustaining, of weathering storms.”

The turning point of the series