More Chris Paul Rumors

The Cavs are trying to unlock the Warriors juggernaut and not having a great time of it. The Spurs and Chris Paul are flirting with each other.


Free agency doesn’t start for another month, but Paul’s camp floating the idea to the media is the hardest proof so far that he might actually leave the franchise he helped rescue.

Deadspin is quoting Marc Stein:

Sources told ESPN that Paul, for all of his undeniable fondness for Los Angeles, is intrigued by the idea of teaming up with the likes of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and MVP top-three finalist Kawhi Leonard in his quest to achieve the deep playoff success that has eluded Paul to this point in his career.

Honestly not much has changed and Stein says what everyone has been saying recently, including this little blog.

There are too many variables and permutations at this juncture to know exactly how the Spurs will proceed. But the list of players whose futures in San Antonio could be affected by a full-on Paul pursuit includes longtime Spurs mainstays Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili as well as Pau Gasol, Danny Green, Patty Mills, Dewayne Dedmon, David Lee and the emerging Jonathon Simmons.

The Spurs may well feel they had a shot of taking on the Warriors, much like the Dubs probably would have been the favorites without KD. Adding him has turned an all-time great team into THE all-time greatest team. The Spurs’ chances — however big or small they were — will be improved by adding a future HOFer. Tony Parker would have started if he had not tore his quad and he could be the backup.

Honestly, I am hoping this is real simply because I cannot look at LaMarcus Aldridge and think about him as the second-best player on this team for another 82-games.