Dodging The CP3 Bullet

Chris Paul forced a trade to the Rockets, upending all the hopes and dreams of the wishful Spurs fans among us. We all just knew Chris Paul was coming this way even though the math did not quite work out. As Daryl Morey showed, anything is possible for a good front office.

Zach Lowe’s podcast right mentioned that the rumors of Paul to Houston were strange because the Rockets did not have the cap space. He simply did not think Paul would opt in and make the move. It was incredible. No one could have seen it.

San Antonio is not in quite the same position, but the Pau opt-out deal was in the same vein. Count me among those who question how exactly the Rockets will beat a determined team with the defensive smarts to limit the variance in the playoffs but then again it is a valiant attempt and I have to respect that.

There are too many teams that do not try for me to hate on an organization that is going for it.

For the Spurs, it means that the greatest point guard of this generation will be in the same division, not only the same conference and the recipe for beating Houston changed a bit.

Barring a miracle trade, the Spurs look like they are going to mostly stand pat. LaMarcus Aldridge does not have the market interest that the Spurs want and until tat changes, things will look awfully similar. That is not a terrible thing.