Spurs up 19, lose by 20

Stop me if you have heard this before: The Spurs jumped all over the Warriors, couldn’t sustain that, get blown out.

Well, the only new thing is possibly the complete blow out but it is only a variation on the Warriors-win-going-away theme.

Yay for variety.

The Spurs started well in the Aldridge-centered offense without Tony and Kawhi and we all got ready to recite our Spurs-praise book.

Then came three straight — now four straight — losses in which the team looks like it is clearly second-tier. Maybe third.

The Magic are on something strange, the Pacers are battling, and the Celtics in Boston are always tough. Those are not necessarily bad losses considering everything but the performances were clearly sub-par.

Losing to the Warriors — even a version trying to find motivation — is understandable also.

While I enjoy watching LaMarcus dominate inside, as this new 2017 one is, but it is not enough without Leonard and that is clear.

Patty Mills is not having a good season and right now the Spurs do not have much else to boost them.