Pop on Patty

Via Jeff Garcia’s Spurs Zone blog:

What most fans don’t understand is the impact a player has on a basketball game outside of the statistical categories such as points per game average or true field goal percentage.
It is the intangibles like leadership, grit and instinct that separates an average NBA player from a successful one.

He goes on to quote Pop from the ESPN article. I do not necessarily agree with Jeff here. What are “intangible” to us are measured in the proprietary analytics the Spurs have. They no doubt have numbers that tell them how valuable Patty Mills has been. They paid him in the offseason and while a good number of national pundits do not see the value, they know the Spurs do.

This is why we get the annual “Spurs are going to Spurs” knee-jerk analysis. We do not need him to score 15 a night, as for some reason Manu is anti-aging and putting on an every-other-night show, but we do need someone to competently run the other positions and Mills is doing just that.