Seven of Eight Is Great

The Spurs were dead in the water, people were writing their It’s Over pieces about the Spurs dynasty being done. The team had a little practice and worked it all out it seems.

On November 28 the Spurs were handled easily by the Timberwolves only two nights after escaping from lowly Chicago. The followed that up by getting whooped by the Rockets at home. There was a win against the Blazers that seemed to halt things before the Jazz destroyed them by 30+.

LeBron beat hte Spurs in a close one but then: it was all solved.

Blowout win over the Lakers at home.

Blowout win over the Jazz.

Blowout win over the Suns.

Blowout of the Clips.

Hiccup against those pesky Bulls.

Blowout of the Sixers.

Utter destruction of the Magic.

Blowout of the Wolves, the team that started this thing back in November.

It is December 21st and the Spurs are back, baby.


Okay that is an exaggeration. None of the above teams are picked to win the league. The Warriors are not shuddering at the sight of Bryn Forbes shooting herky-jerky pull up jumpers. Still, the defense is intriguing.

The Spurs have held seven-straight opponenets to under-100, a stat that is a thing in this modern NBA.  The holiday slate is what will truly tell us about this team as the Spurs host the newly revived Rockets, have two agains the surging Nuggests, host Boston and the looming showdown with Kawhi Leonard on the 3rd.

The Raptors have the league’s best record, one of the stingiest defenses in the league, and two former Spurs that know everything the Spurs are going to do before they do it — especially considering that this current Spurs roster may actually not know as many Spurs plays as Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard do.


For now, we can settle in knowing that the worst is likely over. The team will actually continue to get better from here — knowing each other, knowing the system, the plays, the rhythm of this particular team.