Trae Young Is Nice

I saw Methuselah hit a step-back fade-away three pointer over Trey Lyles. People say that it was, in fact, Vince Carter.

It was that kind of night in this one. The Hawks have a guy that changes the calculus of the floor in Trae Young and the Spurs do not have a rim protector to at least force him to be one-dimensional.

The Spurs shot three more 3PT shots and made just three fewer than the Hawks. The thing is that a couple of the Spurs’ threes were some desperation things — including Rudy Gay’s silly toss from half court because he was unaware of the actual time on the clock.

Trae Young firing 27-footers is a great shot for the Hawks.

The worst thing about this game was having the feeling that the Hawks had the better player. Trae Young looked dangerous and controlled the game at the end, toying with the Spurs, drawing the matchups he wanted and making the game his.

Our guys that are supposed to do that did not, in fact, do that.

DeRozan put up some numbers — 22 on 16 shots — and LMA struggled a bit on 14 shots. The game was lost late in the third and early fourth and that was that.

We have seen Kawhi take over the fourth. Then we saw Dame Lillard do the same. We saw Bron and AD dominate late and open things up for their role guys. The Spurs need a little more of the DeMar we saw in the first couple of games, taking over, and bending the defense to his will.

Can he do that? you ask.

I do not know, anymore.