Luca Ascending

Everyone knows Luca Doncic is good. He can shoot a little like Dirk did, but has the added ability to handle the ball like J-Kidd did, too. He is the natural evolution of basketball and it makes perfect sense. It also sucks that he is on the Mavericks.

Whereas Dirk changed the game when he came into the league — a 7-footer that would step out and shoot the rock like a 2-guard — Doncic came of age in a basketball world that already saw Dirk with an MVP award and a league title to his resumé.

This is the way it goes. When someone saw basketball the first time as a kid, they adopted the moves of men and women who had spent their lives up to that time exploring new frontiers — look at that dude dribble with both hands! It still works the same way. When you first saw Steph Curry shoot from 30-feet out it was a revelation. Trae Young saw that as a kid watching Davidson and Oklahoma play and added that to his game.

Now everyone works on shooting and it will not be amazing to see a 200+ 3pt FG guy in the league the way it was in 2013. That is how the game evolves.

Doncic is the natural evolution of the game. He was smooth attacking the basket and confident stepping back and firing the rock from distance. The Spurs, however, are still trying to get their two-guard to fire from distance. DeMar was incredible on the night, taking charge and looking like he believed he was the best scorer on the Spurs team. He put up 36 attacking the basket and getting to the line tonight. The Spurs rallied from a big deficit in the fourth and made it a game but fell short.

This time, we cannot complain about DeMar, but it is easy to notice the best player for the next few years will be 77.