Knicks and Lakers are Two Different Kinds of Tests

The Spurs ended their 8-game losing streak thanks to the Knicks, but then tonight, got a taste of the real quality of the NBA against the Lakers, winners of seven-straight coming into tonight.

That the Spurs played well both times they faced the Lake show says something about them, and their ability to show up for the big ones. It means they can play at that level, but cannot always muster the desire to do so every time.

Tonight, LaMarcus was on, hitting nearly everything from midrange and DeMar DeRozan did a decent impression of Kawhi for a bit until LeBron decided to turn things up.

There were still too many silly mistakes — letting LAL get up the floor too quickly and allow the role players easy looks from three — and that is a symptom of the poor defense the team has shown all season.

Staying close through three was fool’s gold as the difference in talent was always going to be the difference in game like this. Bron has mastered the art of saving the good stuff for when it is needed and he controlled the game in the fourth as the Spurs sort of fell apart.

For whatever reason, it seems like the Spurs are always down 10 in the fourth quarter. The offense, as good as it is, cannot come up with the shots it needs and the defense cannot get a stop. This is the Spurs team of 2019/2020. We should accept them for who they are.